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Vertical honing machine

We manufacture a vast range of vertical honing machine including vertical honing heads and unpreserved tooling which are most suitable for vertical honing applications. The vertical honing machine come in various lengths and diameters depending upon the needs of customers for various projects. It has an electronic system which allows the electronic easy functionality of the machine. It is a combination of advanced technology and the old methods which prove to be a great combination resulting in an effective and unique vertical honing machine.

Horizontal honing machine

Horizontal honing machine is highly efficient of carrying out the applications of horizontal honing. This machine has a mechanism of rugged hydraulic control of stroking and rotation. This comes in various lengths and diameters, and is capable to be applied to the suitable projects. It needs relatively less time as compared to other horizontal honing machine. There is a range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty horizontal honing machine. The machine offer high productivity to the users. And is most efficient to be used. Horizontal machine manufactured at us are an exact and suitable solution for the projects including processing of long container, pipe etc.

Hydraulic honing machine

Hydraulic honing machine manufactured by us are completely unique offering you numerous functions. This machine is easy to us for the operator. The functions are relatively best which can be applied in a simple way. Most of the all this machine is highly applicable under any conditions. It is built of quality raw material and hence posses a high capacity of carrying out the works. These machine come in various series and sizes from compact to large depending upon the customers’ needs and requirements.

Honing accessories

Along with the various honing machines we also are engaged in manufacturing various honing machine accessories such as honing stick, honing holder, honing oil, honing coolant etc.